Friday, June 27, 2008

Greatest garage in the world

I stayed at one of the Sombrio reps house while in Vancouver and when I entered his garage I nearly had a heart attack. He had every single suspension fork that was ever produced hanging from the walls and tons of super sweet old frames. it is called the graveyard for a reason but it was so cool to see all these sweet parts in one place. He had so many parts it was unbelievable and he uses the parts to make super cool art with it. the picture below is from the Sombrio booth a few years ago. check out his site you will be amazed at the sweet stuff he is making. Thanks to Steve for letting me crash at his house and taking me on some sweet North Shore ride!

Live recast of the men's world's

it takes a while to load but is well worth it to watch some of the American runs

watson road gap at the Tour De France

a video of my new boss jumping the tour

Sombrio Sales Meeting

OK here is the mega super update you have been waiting for. I am the new Sales Rep for the NW for Sombrio and this week I was up in Whistler for the sales meeting which was awesome! Dave Watson who owns Sombrio had us all up in Whistler for meetings and riding of course. Well the meeting were great but after we went riding for a few laps in the park then it was off for dinner. The first night was a fine dinner at 21 in Whistler which was great with all of us doing tequila shots and drinking port to finish it off. Even yours truly had a shot of tequila which wasn't that bad. The second night was when all hell broke loose! we went to Ka-ze in Whistler which is a Japanese sushi joint, which you know I am not a big sushi fan but they did fix up some veggie tempura for me which was great. The fun started when Jessie the rep from Colorado decided to do a Sake bomb in which you take your chopsticks and put the glass of Sake over a glass of beer and hit the table and watch the sake fall into the beer and shot it all down. Even I got into the act since I didn't want to spoil the fun. Well Jessie did a mega bomb with 2 beers and who know how much sake and chugged it down. After about 3 liters of Sake and unknown amount of Sapporro we climed out of the booth we were in which was supposed to seat 8 but we fit about 15. and one thing led to another and arm wrestling broke out with Jessie killing everyone, except Kevin in which he paid $15 to let him win!haha even the ladies got into it. All in all it was a great trip and I am super stoked to be selling Sombrio and if you don't know what it is then goto the link on the side and see for yourself, it is the best mountain bike clothing on the market bar none.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

seeding runs for worlds DH

check out the end with Sam hill!!!!! so ridiculous! but the Athertons hold the top seed could it be an Atherton world sweep!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

East coast update

My friend Kyle sent me a quick update with pictures from some east coast racing here is what he had to say
Hey Vic
Just wanted to check in let you know for the US Open I missed qualifying in pro by like 2 seconds real bummer although the field was very stacked. A lot of fast pros and I missed qualifying in dual slalom by .007 seconds, I'm alright with that one since I never raced slalom before and I got stuck in pro had a wicked time

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fort Bill preview

Let's all see what we are missing this weekend!

the fastest family on dirt

Sam vs Gee in Anndora

This is a great side by side of the 2 in the Anndora WC


Well I have been totally slacking with the updates lately! I picked up some new lines to rep lately. I am the Magura, Marwi and Syntace rep for the PNW as well as the Sombrio rep in the PNW. I am totally stoked to rep these brands since I have used their products for a while now and the new stuff they have is dialed. I will post some pictures up real soon of the new forks, brakes and clothing.

Side note I think the Athertons are the fastest siblings in the world and I hope they can repeat that feat at the worlds, although I am pulling for Peaty because after all these years I think its his turn to win the Worlds.