Monday, September 29, 2008

something cool

I will post some more from Interbike but in the mean time enjoy this gem of a video

Sunday, September 28, 2008


The new Hammerschmidt from Truvativ looked pretty cool. I like the idea of it, the price is a little high but I think they are on to something. I have never been impressed with Truvativ cranks but I think this could change that. Lets see how they hold up this year. They did have some very cool bash guards on display.

Lance is back!

I got to meet Lance at the show, he was signing autographs at the Oakley booth next door to the Magura booth were I was working. This is a good thing for bike shops since Lance has brought alot of people to the sport of cycling. I got the poster signed for one of my shops in Bend since he really wanted a poster signed and I have no room for any posters in my office. So I got to meet him and James from Sagebrush got the poster! win win situation.

New Magura Brakes

Magura has a new Marta for 2009. the Marta SL Mag is sub 300g per brake with the rotor! and I do plan on getting some and putting them on my DH bike to test them out. Also we have some new forks for 2009, the Thor is a 140mm travel fork with a 20mm thru axel that is made for all mountain riding. This will be going on the Pivot mach five I will be getting very soon!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Secret training information

So I figured out why the Atherton's are so fast. Off season training at the stratosphere!! So now that I am on this secret training program I should be kicking ass next year in the DH scene. World Championships here I come!

Sombrio crew

Well like I did this summer in Whistler I went out to dinner with the Sombrio guys and as always we had a blast! after eating more than I could at a Mexican joint in the Venetian we hoped in a super stretch limo and cruised to the Stratosphere to do the big shot at the top of the tower! there were 12 of us causing a ruckus in the elevators and on the roof top. but we had a super time! thanks Kevin

In the presence of greatness!

got to check out the fastest DH bikes on the circuit this year! plus I got to meet and talk to the owners of the bikes and the fastest siblings on the planet. It was cool because there was no one in the 661 booth getting autographs from them so I went up to them and asked them some questions and BSed with them for a little while. They were super cool and down to earth, like most DH racers. I always like rooting for the good folks and the Atherton's are those kind of people. I told them they need to come to the NW and ride since we have some pretty awesome trails that I would bet are similar to some of the trails they are used to riding.

New Rep vehicle

I also found my new rep car! it is environmentally friendly electric hummer! now I just need a roof and I am set!

Feather brakes

Here is a new product at the show and I will be the rep for them here in the NW which I am very excited about. the brakes weight in at 199g for the set with the pads! these will give the ZeroG brakes a run for the money. plus you can get them in many different color accents. great way to improve the braking of your bike and add a little something,something to it.

Now for the good stuff!

OK here is where is gets good, there were a bunch of cool little things in the show this year. The first of them is Pivot!!! the Firebird is going to be my new bike, and also the new company I rep for here in the PNW. I also picked up BH bikes which has a great lineup of road bikes for 2009 including a 13 pound out of the box bike the G$ and we had one on a scale that came in at 11.44 LBS which is insane. The buzz on the Firebird was amazing with alot of shops telling me how sweet the bike rode and how great it pedaled up hill for 6.5" of travel

Zion and Hoover

Then flew past Zion National Park which is Kristie and my favorite park, We stayed there a week 11 years ago on our honeymoon. Then got a glimpse of Hoover Dam as well.

Super Mega Terrific Interbike update!

OK here we go. I had terrible internet access this week so I haven't had a chance to update the site from the floor but now I am waiting for my flight and I have some time to update the site. lots of pics.

First are from the flight to Vegas, flew right by mount hood and took these sweet pics!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Las Vegas Here I come

Well I am standing in the airport waiting for my yearly journey to Interbike. This year I have alot more business than I think I ever have. I will keep you posted and check back everyday because I will be doing a daily Interbike update with pictures and commentary!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Funny poster from the good ole days

This one just made me laugh! I think more ads need to look like this today, make me want to buy this product!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mike back in the saddle

My friend Mike broke his elbow at the first Port Angeles race this year, but a little flesh wound couldn't keep him down! Great to see Mike back in the saddle racing. as for me I am on sabbatical until next year! haha I am going to ride my road bike a bunch this winter so I am going to be in super shape for next season! look out

Monday, September 1, 2008

NWD 9: never enough

See you in Vegas!!

2009 Sombrio samples

Hello All,

I am sorry I haven't put up any posts but I have been busy like a bee. Well the 2009 Sombrio samples are in and I am showing them off to shops everyday until Interbike. I will put up some pictures asap.