Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Alien Riding

I won an auction on Ebay the other day and it was of a cool handout that Vouilloz racing used to hand out at World Cups. Well I was emailing the guy and we got talking about DH racing and I was telling that I have been racing for 17 years and I loved that bike. So in addition to sending me the card he sent me some super sweet pics of Nico riding and of his bike. so here they are, Thanks for the pics Charlie

The Alien's bike

Nico Vouilloz was called the Alien back in the day because he rode like no other. Calculated, calm and super duper fast!! I saw him at a World Cup in Squaw Valley California and he was practicing the DH on a hard tail going balls out, on a course that most people were having a hard time with a long travel full suspension bike. I heard of his training sessions and they were amazing, him and his father would go out to a track and time certain corners over and over again seeing how fast he could do it. He would do it for hours, everytime getting faster and faster seeing how much he could push himself and the bike. Well check out the pictures of his bike. This was his own bike and his own company, when his sponsorships dried up for whatever reason he decided to go out on his own using BOS engineering to set up his bike. Those were the guys who designed the SUNN bikes which I think to this day have more WC and World Champ wins than any other bike out there. Maybe Sam Hill will change that on the Sunday but not yet he has about 14 world champs and who knows how many WC wins to go before that can happen. but I digress, check out the bike with the telemetry box on the top tube, Yes just like F1 race cars, he could see exactly how fast he was going in each section, when he was braking, how the suspension was reacting to the terrain! think of the advantage he had with this, no doubt he was the most talented DH racer around but he had even more help with the technology, and he was smart enough to know how to use this information to ride to the absolute edge. I still drool over this bike and wish I could obtain it someday just to ride and admire what a piece of moving art it is.

Monday, May 19, 2008

East Coast update

I got this email from my friend Kyle showing me pics of his new Intense M6 and boy it is killer! and a pic of his sweet race van! going to Diablo in style for sure, I should have an update on what is happening at the Diablo race by the end of the weekend.

Riding the Ridge

this weekend we rode at Raven Ridge and let me tell you the conditions were absolutely perfect! the dirt was grippy and the trail was in primo shape. The people working on that trail have been busy clearing it out from all the blow down this winter.

Cool thing was we rode with Pablo Tafoya from Corsair and got to look at the bike close up and get to bounce up and down on it! Alex even got to take the bike for a run and in his words it was awesome!

The pic of the drop is Aaron N. squishing the last little drop to perfection. Above is Mitch getting his money's worth from his Rockgardn Trailstar

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bummer of the weekend

Well as you know the race was spectacular with the weather perfect. My friend Mike broke his elbow this weekend though. First run of practice and he was done. He will be out for a few weeks but he will be back stronger than ever, infact he was on the hill rooting for everyone else

Monday, May 12, 2008

My time with Justice

I posted previously that the Justice chute was the hardest part on the course. Well I had some super clean practice runs and my race run went great, I cleaned the Justice fairly well I wasn't the fastest but I didn't crash either so that was the big goal. My biggest gripe of the weekend is the lack of trail etiquette that people have during practice runs, I like stopping at sections to check it out but I do it from the side of the trail so I don't block anyone. People were standing right in the middle of the line all day Saturday and not very quick to move out of the way. Early in the day for practice is OK but later in the day people just want to get some full speed runs in and that just messes with your timing. So spread the word and learn some race etiquette, if you are stopping to check a section out make sure no one is coming and if they are move out of the way as quickly as possible because people can get hurt otherwise. OK rant over.

These pics were from my friend Carl Warren check out his link on this page. if you were at this race send him an email for a few bucks he will send you a picture of yourself at the race

Fluidride DS race

Saturday's Dual Slalom was a picture perfect day with just a short rain shower at the start of the finals. Lars Sternberg was on another level with the way he was flying through the course I don't know how he was getting traction in some of those corners! Joe Perrizo showed up to race on his Atomlab hardtail dirt jumper and made the cut of 16, his prize for qualifying was a first round matchup with Lars and sorry to say I don't think anyone had a chance against him this weekend. Aaron Nactrab was looking smooth and fast in his heats but a crash out in the 3 round ended his day early, I think he could have made it to the semis the way he was running.

Justice will be served

Indeed Justice was served this weekend at round#2 of the Fluidride
Cup series. Justice was the name of the new section that the ODS boys built for this weekends race and it didn't disappoint. Lots of carnage and close calls, and just some downright sickness. Some pros and semipros went through that section so fast I couldn't believe it, because the Justice wasn't just steep and rocky but to do it at speed meant you had to make the turn at the bottom which some boys did at warp speed! This was the hardest part of the race with the rest of the course just wide open fast and furious.

Maribor World Cup DH race

Well it looks like Sam Hill is already showing the DH world no mercy! Winning the Maribor DH by 4 seconds over Julien Camelini and Steve Peat. Scary note of the day is when Brian Lopes was interviewing him for Freecaster he said he felt slow and could have gone faster! YIKES how much faster could he possibly go. goto www.freecaster.com to check all the footage

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mongoose Amp

The first full suspension bike I ever bought was this beauty! I origianlly had ProForx with a super long travel 3" of travel! then I upgraded to the Manitou EFC which had the breakthrough technology of Elastomers with oil damping, boy those were the days! I remember at the National at Mt. Snow in '96 I had Manitou put the new Mach5 internals in the fork which made the fork super plush with MCU elastomers. Check out the long stem and high seatpost and the great Magura HS-22 that were way too strong for any bike in the day and flexed the hell out of the chainstays, even with the brace. Thank God that disc brakes weren't too far off in the future because rim brakes suck!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

World Championships Test race

Well this past weekend was the test race on the new course that will be run for the DH world champs in Val di Sole Italy in July. The course from reports was fast and technical. the big surprise was Sam Hill won by nearly 6 seconds! ( that was a joke, does it surprise anyone that he slays everyone these days. If he keeps this up Nico Vouilloz's record of 10 world champs will be in jeopardy for sure) here is how they finished

5) JUSTIN LEOV (YETI) 3:28.67

Friday, May 2, 2008

Long before

This year there will be a National at Windham Mountain in upstate new york. Well long before this they used to have a bike series that had XC, Hillclimb, trials and Dual Slalom. Not just any slalom but single pole slalom. This pic is from 1992 and yes I obviously didn't win this round but I sure had alot of fun doing it!