Wednesday, April 8, 2009

FR Cup #1, Port Angeles

If you were not there this weekend you missed not only a great race but an absolutely beautiful weekend to boot! The sun was out (which has been a rarity here in the NW) and was warm all weekend, the trails were in tip top shape and over 400 riders were there to throw down. I was racing the new Firebird that I got just last week and was stoked on how great it was riding. Although I didn't do so hot on my race run I couldn't complain because the riding was just perfect all weekend. I was riding most of the weekend with my friends Jason, JR and his kid Joe. I also did some riding with my buddy Mike Estes (no explanation needed for Mike if you were at the race you heard his voice somewhere on the mountain all weekend!) and Ted from Recycled Cycles in Seattle. I have a full race report going up on shortly as well so head over there for a full report. but do enjoy some of these pics that I took.

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