Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Alien's bike

Nico Vouilloz was called the Alien back in the day because he rode like no other. Calculated, calm and super duper fast!! I saw him at a World Cup in Squaw Valley California and he was practicing the DH on a hard tail going balls out, on a course that most people were having a hard time with a long travel full suspension bike. I heard of his training sessions and they were amazing, him and his father would go out to a track and time certain corners over and over again seeing how fast he could do it. He would do it for hours, everytime getting faster and faster seeing how much he could push himself and the bike. Well check out the pictures of his bike. This was his own bike and his own company, when his sponsorships dried up for whatever reason he decided to go out on his own using BOS engineering to set up his bike. Those were the guys who designed the SUNN bikes which I think to this day have more WC and World Champ wins than any other bike out there. Maybe Sam Hill will change that on the Sunday but not yet he has about 14 world champs and who knows how many WC wins to go before that can happen. but I digress, check out the bike with the telemetry box on the top tube, Yes just like F1 race cars, he could see exactly how fast he was going in each section, when he was braking, how the suspension was reacting to the terrain! think of the advantage he had with this, no doubt he was the most talented DH racer around but he had even more help with the technology, and he was smart enough to know how to use this information to ride to the absolute edge. I still drool over this bike and wish I could obtain it someday just to ride and admire what a piece of moving art it is.

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