Monday, May 12, 2008

My time with Justice

I posted previously that the Justice chute was the hardest part on the course. Well I had some super clean practice runs and my race run went great, I cleaned the Justice fairly well I wasn't the fastest but I didn't crash either so that was the big goal. My biggest gripe of the weekend is the lack of trail etiquette that people have during practice runs, I like stopping at sections to check it out but I do it from the side of the trail so I don't block anyone. People were standing right in the middle of the line all day Saturday and not very quick to move out of the way. Early in the day for practice is OK but later in the day people just want to get some full speed runs in and that just messes with your timing. So spread the word and learn some race etiquette, if you are stopping to check a section out make sure no one is coming and if they are move out of the way as quickly as possible because people can get hurt otherwise. OK rant over.

These pics were from my friend Carl Warren check out his link on this page. if you were at this race send him an email for a few bucks he will send you a picture of yourself at the race

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