Saturday, September 26, 2009

New bikes to consider

My Friend Jan Karpiel made some of the best DH bikes back in the late 90's and my favorite bike to this day is the Disco Volante. It is great to see Jan making bikes again and the new Disco looks great, this was in the Elka suspension booth and I did drool a little bit..

Rocky Mountain did a little retool of the Flatline with the help of team Maxxis. This is a world cup winner right here!

Morewood bikes really wasn't on my radar when I came down to Vegas but after looking at the Makulu and seeing that they come with a BOS rear shock, I think I found my new bike! everything seem pretty tight on the bike and the price will be just right from what I hear!

The Kalula is the freeride version of the Makulu and looked pretty sweet as well

The Intense 951 was the bike I had on my mind when I came down and when I saw this beauty I thought I had found my bike. The bike is a freakin Ferrari in bike form.

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